Ladle Rat
Rotten Hut

Alternative illustrations for “Little Red Riding Hood”

Illustrate an interpretation of the classic "Little Red Riding Hood" using manual printing techniques.

Illustration, manual print
(linocut, cyanotype)

“Little Red Riding Hood” is a classic tale that’s been tackled by the best of illustrators. Instead of trying to compete, I decided on a different approach.

“Ladle Rat
Rotten Hut”

is a text based on “Little Red Riding Hood”, re-written with similar-sounding words substituting for the original folk tale, as part of an ersatz language called Anguish Languish.

The illustrations are collages, based on the odd words used for the characters' names and descriptions, giving them an unexpected twist.

For example, "groin murder", as the ersatz-tale calls the grandmother, is made of a hand holding a knife and a pair of underpants.